The following is the process which takes place.
  1. Once Gala / Meet details have been received the coaches do out an eligibility report which advises the coaches as who have met the qualifying standard in the meet and for what events.
  2. That report is then passed onto the gala secretary and this is the end of the coach’s involvement until item (5)
  3. The Gala Secretary then sends all eligible entries out to all parents / swimmers and gives them a date to respond with confirmation of the swimmer’s availability to swim and a list of all events they have qualified in.
  4. Any amendments to this list must be done by email by the swimmer / parent before the expired date (normally 5 days in advance of actual closing date) which has been set. If there is no response by the expiry date set, the swimmer will be taken out of the competition completely.
  5. Any changes or amendments or withdrawals are then forwarded to the coaches who then modify the eligibility list or provisional entry list and an entry list is generated by the coaches and send back to the club secretary and club treasurer who submits the entries.
  6. All monies are taken from your entry escrow account and when your escrow account drops to €50 you will be advised to top up by the treasurer of the club.
  7. If there are insufficient monies in the Entry Fee Escrow Account at the time of entry the swimmer will not be entered into the competition.