Behaviour Guideline for Parents and Swimmers and Coaches.

The following guidelines identify principles and values that Celtic Waves Swimming Club expects all members (swimmers, coaches and parents) to demonstrate and uphold.  These remind us of why we are involved in youth sports.

  • Strive to make every team activity serve as a lessons for life.
  • Respect the integrity of swim officials 
  • Only coaches may approach meet officials for clarification of rulings.
  • Promote a good example of sportsmanship. 
  • Win gracefully, lose graciously and congratulate their opponents either way.
  • Swimmers at the pool side should be encouraging their team mates when swimming and inform the coach or team manager if they feel a swimmer is unwell or extremely nervous before a competition.
  • Ensure  swimmer arrives and leaves on time, and bring the proper equipment.   (if a child needs to leave early or arrive late, ensure the coach is aware of this. (We understand that we are all trying to fit in around life’s schedule so our coaches are flexible when possible )
  • Arrive at meets in time for check in, stretching and warm-ups. ( if you aren’t on till the afternoon, just drop us a mail or say it to the coach so we know they are attending and don’t get scratched by error)
  • Respect all other teams at competitions and all other coaches.
  • Look for opportunities to build rapport with teams that we compete and work with.
  • Our coaches are professional coaches and are there to help our swimmers be the best they can be, through positive coaching whilst encouraging individualism. They intend to know your child not just as a swimmer but a person in their own right. Your unconditional love and support before and after races will encourage them to strive for their goal..
  • Support your professional coaches as they strive to do what is best for each Celtic Waves swimmer.
  • Our Coaches welcome you as a parent or a swimmer to come and talk to them openly.
  • Maintain open and honest communication among all members of the Celtic Waves family.( coaches, swimmers and Parents). 
  • We all want what is best for our swimmers. 
  • Talk to your coach or the person you have an concern with. If unresolved, talk to a committee member who will try to resolve the issue discreetly. If this fails then we all need to get together and work it out.
  • We can achieve our common goals by working together!!!!