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We understand that winning is much more than one’s place in the finish of a race, and we are committed to helping individuals grow in character, physical development, and skill.
Coaches will work closely with each and every swimmer to help achieve appropriate personal goals and suggestions on how to achieve them.
To provide excellence in professional coaching and programs and to develop individuals to the best of their abilities to compete at the highest levels;
To provide an atmosphere that inspires swimmers to achieve their maximum potential through a strong work ethic, discipline, self-motivation and self-esteem;
To develop team unity where everyone encourages and takes pride in each other at all levels of competition.
To instil a life long love of swimming through enjoyment and accomplishment at all levels of swimming.

Our Values

Club values are the core beliefs that shape the way people behave and make decisions. They provide a framework for how members treat one another and how they treat others.
Our values help our members, volunteers and leaders to contribute effectively to our shared purpose.
Accessible - Questions about our club are welcome
Accountable - We are transparent about what, how and why we operate the way we do
Child Welfare – All members and coaches adhere to best practice and Sport Ireland / Swim Ireland's Code of Practice for Children in Sport.
Dedication - We expect all members to make a commitment to the club and to its teams 
Encourage – Learning and Knowledge
Enjoyable - Participating should enhance people’s natural enjoyment of sport
Excellence – We will  work to achieve the highest standards
Integrity - We will act in a fair and consistent and transparent manner
Professional - Club representatives conduct themselves in all their dealings in a way that confers and earns respect, and demonstrates integrity 
Recognition – Of the needs of the individual
Respect - Respect our fellow teammates, coaches, and club, and support them to our utmost in the team's endeavors. We believe in fair play.